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Photo credit: Jamie Waters

QUEEN LAYA unveils new single ‘RAPTURE (CULT)’

Rising from the ruins of the past few years, QUEEN LAYA is emerging into uncharted waters, defying expectations as she demonstrates a ferocious new sound. Today she draws closer to the release of her debut EP with her new single ‘RAPTURE (CULT), which is out now on all platforms.

Fusing powerhouse vocals with rocky acidity, QUEEN LAYA continues to usher in a new era of headstrong and vehement views of social issues and every day life. The new single ‘RAPTURE (CULT)’ sees QUEEN LAYA enter her villain era in full force with a track that oozes pure determination and force. It’s an intoxicating blend of powerful vocals paired with an unflinching message. In this witchy anthem, QUEEN LAYA urges others to join the self love club with her dark demeanour, but promising a light at the end.

QUEEN LAYA delves into the context of the new single, “RAPTURE (CULT) builds on the notion that the media feeds off of our insecurities. Having self acceptance & self respect is not generously promoted by society, and defying these toxic ‘socials norms’ feels like an end of the world disaster, and that those following suit are anomalies.”

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