You are currently viewing BEX’s new single ‘sunDae’ pokes fun at “perfect” social media

BEX’s new single ‘sunDae’ pokes fun at “perfect” social media

Creative scion BEX is back for 2024 with a brand new track called ‘sunDae’. The hyped-up, cut-and-paste sounds of ‘sunDae’ encapsulate a hard rock edge, electronic elements and a pure pop sensibility that will see this chorus bleeding from the rafters of venues all around the country. The initial idea for the track was actually sparked by a miserable British day outside and a mutual love of cows amongst the songwriters involved (BEX, Steven Batelle, Will Vaughan, Sam Cramer and Josh Paine). Cow noises and samples remain and permeate the tune so keep a keen ear out.

She says “’sunDae’ is about the expectation of having to be and look perfect all the time even when the world isn’t. The irony of the constant British drizzly days compared to the expectation of perfection that social media has put on us as a generation. We are requesting only the same from the weather as what the world expects of us. It’s a love song of expectation and disappointment. No one can achieve unrealistic goals and we all need to stop being so hard on ourselves all the time, social media isn’t real.”

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