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Photo credit: Khairul Ameer

RENE shares anarchic new single ‘Rule The World’

RENE has released her anarchic new single ‘Rule The World’, a song about wanting to make a grand escape from an uninspiring life. Paired with distorted guitars and buoyant synths, tired frustration bleeds into excitement for the future as the song brings you on a journey out of an idle city.

“‘Rule The World’ encapsulates the itch to do something during times where you feel stuck, whether it’s due to your location, lack of opportunities, lack of creativity, and so on,” explains RENE. “I think the song is especially relevant for people who feel like they are at a crossroads in their life – it serves as a push to take a risk rather than to settle with what’s safe and comfortable but monotonous.”

‘Rule The World’ follows her previously released singles ‘Better Than To Brood’ and ‘Dry In The Sun’, both of which will be part of her upcoming EP due for release on April 28.

Co-produced by Indonesia-based Gilang Wisnandar (HNATA, rebelsuns., MFNE) and RENE, ‘Rule The World’ is part of a new era for RENE as she leans into more sombre undertones and intimate stories in this upcoming project.

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