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rlyblonde shares new single ‘Hot Girls Always Win’

rlyblonde – the project of Brooklyn-based multidisciplinary artist Carina Allen – shares her new single, ‘Hot Girls Always Win,’ from her upcoming debut EP, Fantasy, releasing on June 2.

‘Hot Girls Always Win’ is an empowering anthem filled with fuzzy guitar riffs, catchy pop melodies, and slick lyricism. The new single follows the EP’s previously released singles, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘Spiltmilk’.

rlyblonde elaborates on ‘Hot Girls Always Win’: “At the heart of it, I find this song quite endearing. Sometimes life has a funny way of reuniting you with the right people, karma doing its thing, etc. I went through a breakup that really left me having to rebuild my confidence and this song was kinda my triumph of realizing I didn’t have to worry about anything because the right people will always finds me. And it’s not about being hot in a physical way, but more about being compassionate, creative, thoughtful and confident.”

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