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Roleplay releases new single/video ‘Heaven and Above’

Roleplay returns with her new single ‘Heaven And Above’ today. It’s the follow up to ‘Come Close’ and the second single taken from her forthcoming EP. The track has been produced by Roleplay whilst it has been mixed by long-term friend and collaborator Ghost Culture (Kelly Lee Owens, Goldfrapp, Daniel Avery).

It’s a full, rich disco track, eyes firmly on the dancefloor and the most euphoric track Roleplay has released to date. Expressive, positive and incredibly self-assured, it captures the heady highs of falling in love anew. Anna Kristoferson is inspired by Max Martin, Kylie Minogue and Madonna. The result sees her own outlook meld to these influences to create a fresh approach and a brand-new EP will be coming later this year. This track also opened her eyes to collaboration for the first time as she explains the song and process below.

“’Heaven and Above’ is a carefree and upbeat love song about finding someone who makes your heart sing. I tried to capture that euphoria in this song. Falling in love after becoming sober was a new and different experience for me. Very profound and in ways more intoxicating than in the past. This probably had a lot to do with me learning how to feel my own emotions more fully. A very important insight for me during this time was also that an attitude of gratitude is a real game changer. Life and love can be so full of magic and beauty if you start looking for it.

“It was the first song in this project that I let someone else contribute to. James (aka Ghost Culture) who mixed the song kept saying her could hear a bass line on the chorus so I decided to quieten my inner control freak and let him have a go. The funky bass he came up with blew me away and is probably my favourite part of the whole track now. Since then I have been more open to inviting collaborators on this project. Whatever makes the music the best it can be!”

And she speaks about the video – “Throughout this year, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with the talented photographer and DOP, Kevin Paul Lawrence. His keen eye for visuals aligns really well with my creative vision. When he asked if I wanted to make a music video I knew the stars had aligned. The fun and upbeat vibe of ‘Heaven and Above’ lent itself beautifully to this. I’ve dreamt of making a choreographed dance video for ages. Being someone who’s never danced other than on a night out, it definitely felt out of my comfort zone. But that’s also what drew me to it.”

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