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Roleplay shares new single ‘Come Close’

Roleplay returns with her new single ‘Come Close’. The track has been produced by Roleplay whilst it has been mixed by long-term friend and collaborator Ghost Culture (Kelly Lee Owens, Goldfrapp, Daniel Avery).

It’s a gorgeous, sweeping, dreamy ambient pop record that feels truly timeless. Born out of a new-found sobriety after lockdown and exploring making music alone, it has seen Roleplay – aka Anna Kristoferson – dive deep into pop music, finding inspiration from Max Martin, Kylie Minogue and Madonna. The result sees her own outlook meld to these influences to create a fresh approach and a brand-new EP will be coming later this year.

Roleplay explains the track: “One of my lockdown songs that I wrote after having just left London for the seaside in Margate. Newly sober, it was a time of healing, self-discovery and soul searching. ‘Come Close’ is my ode to self-discovery, healing and tuning in to the flow of the universe. It’s about feeling yourself fully, confronting difficult emotions and letting go of old traumas and negative beliefs, however you choose to do that. The reward for stepping into this unknown can be truly magic.

“At the time, I was listening to a lot of pop classics, like Max Martin’s hits and 90s/00s Madonna and Kylie, which inspired me to write my own bop with the perfect pop structure. I tried to channel all the positive energy I found within myself into the music.

“As I continue to heal, I’m finding myself feeling more connected to the world around me, and with that connection comes a sense of responsibility to create and share that positive and healing energy with others. Music is the perfect medium for this, it is so powerful when it comes to influencing our mood and emotions.”

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