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Photo credit: Jasmine Connors

Rosa Mack releases soul-stirring and liberating debut single ‘When I’m Alone’

Meanjin/Brisbane-based powerhouse vocalist Rosa Mack makes her highly anticipated debut with this soul-stirring single, ‘When I’m Alone’.

With an all-absorbing stage presence, charming demeanour and a voice that strikes deep, Rosa Mack, backed by her seven-piece soul and blues collective, will light fires in hearts with this absolutely stunning soul-rock debut.

‘When I’m Alone’ is a heartening anthem that delves into the complexities of relationships and the transformative power of solitude. The track is a smooth and controlled soulful journey, enriched by the soothing organ, full-bodied bass, and overdriven blues guitar, but Rosa Mack takes the spotlight with her silken vocals and captivating lyricism. The track blossoms into an electrifying soul-rock and blues spectacle, complete with a blasting horn section and exhilarating guitar licks, all while Rosa Mack hits note after note with her soaring vocal range and earth-shaking power.

Sharing her personal insight on the song, Rosa Mack states: “‘When I’m Alone’ reveals the tension of journeying from the confines of a toxic relationship into the liberating freedom of aloneness. The desire for connection is juxtaposed with desperation for solitude and inner peace, having found loneliness in partnership and empowerment through new-found independence. ‘When I’m Alone’ is a reclamation of one’s self, defining and celebrating the distinction between loneliness and the joy of being alone.”

Fittingly, ‘When I’m Alone’ captures that profound inner peace and liberating energy in a gorgeous and wholesome package. From warming vintage tones of a bygone era to the polish of contemporary, expressive soul and blues, Rosa Mack’s ‘When I’m Alone’ is easy to get lost inside of.

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