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SAFIRE releases new track ‘SHINE B!TCH’

Hailing from Hackney, East London, SAFIRE is a British/Irish Dom Pop/genre fluid visual and musical artist blending metal, beats and pop. Framing themes of female empowerment, dominance and sex, she’s a multi-instrumentalist, writer and producer with something to say.

Her new single is the bombastic empowerment anthem ‘SHINE B!TCH’. “I wrote ‘SHINE B!TCH’ as a middle finger to anyone who’s ever tried to make me feel small,” she explains. “I wanted to have an anthem to listen to whenever I forget exactly who the fuck I am. If you’ve ever had someone put you down and make you feel small then this is the reminder you’ve been waiting for! Put on those thigh highs and grab your favourite lipstick. It’s time to SHINE BITCH!”

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