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Samantha Lindo shares new single ‘Little Songbird’

Rising artist Samantha Lindo continues to mesmerise with the release of her soul-tinged single ‘Little Songbird,’ out today.

This track was inspired by Samantha’s great uncle Robert Brown and his family, who moved to Canada in the 1970’s, along with thousands of middle class Jamaicans fleeing political and economic upheaval after independence from Britain rule.It narrates the emotional realities of migration and formative relationships that span continents.

Samantha elaborates, “it’s also a reflection on the phrase coined by Ian Patel: ‘we are here, because you were there’ and the causal relationship between post-war migration and empire. This reality was often left out of history lessons and our wider cultural narrative in the UK, just as climate breakdown and the controversial issues of illegal immigration are rarely linked and acknowledged now”. ‘Little Songbird’ is about remembering and bringing forth the capacity to create communities of solidarity, counterculture and resistance in the current climate of radical individualism.

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