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Lizzie Berchie unveils earnest new single ‘Flaws & All’

British singer-songwriter Lizzie Berchie has released her new stirring single ‘Flaws & All’.

With its gospel-tinged production by way of Berchie’s long-time collaborator Hilts, ‘Flaws & All’ recalls the roof-raising work of Aretha Franklin, Al Green and Joss Stone. Providing an aural backdrop that is subtle in the powerful emotions wrought in both track’s lyrics and Berchie’s rousing vocal which she expresses with tasteful restraint.

Reveling in the majesty of finding true love and kinship with someone who loves them unconditionally, ‘Flaws & All’ is a treatise on the splendor love can emanate in spite of someone’s natural shortcomings and imperfections. Berchie sings “I thought the grass was greener but you showed me love is the water that you need to grow”.

At a time when most discourse on dating and relationships is increasingly eschewing vulnerability and compassion in favor of short-lived and meaningless escapades heavy on transactional actions and self-gratification, ‘Flaws & All’ provides an refreshingly optimistic take on love in the millennial and Gen-Z age. Rebuffing the temptation to fall victim to a jaded mindset and attitude.

Speaking on the track’s inspiration, Lizzie said: “There’s too many situationships out there, but I’m here for real love. This song is about realizing that the love of your life has been beside you all along and having someone love you for who you are. This song definitely echoes the love songs of Minnie Riperton, Anita Baker, Sade and Cleo Sol – poets of love.”

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