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Photo credit: Jen McCord

Shelf Lives highlight the fallacies of consumerism on flashy new single ‘Off The Rails’

Shelf Lives mark their fiery return with new single, ‘Off The Rails’. Invoking a perfect mix of sugary sweet and rough around the edges, the track is out now.

‘Off The Rails’ is a true testament to the ways in which consumerism has gone completely awry. Lyrically, the track speaks on the ways in which society reels consumers in, often leaving a permanent void requiring fulfillment. Opening with a frantic beat and pulsating synths, the track combs its way through sonic landscapes of post-punk, electroclash, and alternative. The first vocals we hear are the ad-libs of one half of the duo, Jonny Hillyard, who’s “No Fucking way man”’s invoke the likes of early Death Grips. Next we hear vocalist Sabrina Di Giulio provide teetering screeches that perfectly scratch a sonic sweet spot adjacent to Le Tigre, CSS, and Sleigh Bells. Shelf Lives not only bring immense vivacity to the new track, but will also have the listener ponder the faulty infrastructures of their society.

With a fearless and bold attitude, Sabrina drives the point home that consumers remain “none in a million”. Despite the consumerist traits we buy into, there is still an insatiable appetite to stay relevant and not “fall off the rails”. Altogether, ‘Off The Rails’ tells a cautionary tale about the desire to feel as special as the tangible products we frequently buy into.

When discussing the track, Shelf Lives write: “In our current era, we stand fully aware that consumerism fails to fulfil our genuine needs. Despite this knowledge, we remain fiercely hooked, unable to let go. The notion that was intended to make us feel exceptional actually leaves us feeling ordinary and in this perpetual cycle of wanting more. The track is that moment of realisation that we can’t ‘fall off the rails’ because despite all of the “stuff” we buy into we’re still ‘none in a million’ The problem is we hesitate to be the first to abandon the obsession in fear that we’ll be the only one and end up feeling isolated anyway.”

An intriguing video pairs along with the single, allowing the carefree personality of Shelf Lives’ to shine bright. Watch them dance around the desert and various office buildings, showcasing their rambunctiously fun dynamic as a duo.

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