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Photo credit: Derek Bremner

Shelf Lives release explosive new single and video ‘BITE’

With a firm “fun-first” ethos in mind from the off, rapidly-evolving electro-punk two-piece Shelf Lives return this week with their explosive new single ‘BITE’.

Constantly experimenting with their sound and finding new ways they can bring reality to life, ‘BITE’ is perhaps their most sinister and driving release to date. With a reeling guitar line, thrashing chorus and chant-like verses, ‘BITE’ was written partly about the endless task of “doing the work” on yourself.

“It’s about the battle between your awake spiritual brain that is trying its best to be a better person and to let go of its pride, and catching yourself going back to that angry monkey brain,” the band explains – “That’s why it’s called ‘BITE’, because it’s the most primitive thing we can do when we feel scared.”

But, as with most Shelf Lives songs, its attention is pulled in the opposite direction, alluding to the egomania of chasing enlightenment, only to make you feel like you’re better than everyone else.

Much like the meaning of the song, the song’s accompanying video is primitive and raw. “The idea of having a modern day man losing his mind in the woods to temptation seemed the most fitting, as temptation is what brings us closer to that monkey part of our brain, and our modern mind is what pulls us away,” the band said.

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