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Photo credit: Kelsey Wagner

Shybaby rips through new single & video, ‘For Rent’

Brooklyn’s Shybaby shares ‘For Rent,’ following up the previous single ‘Kiki doesn’t like it when you leave me at the party.’

There’s a sense of humor in the upbeat sonics of ‘For Rent,’ which is meant to blow out your headphones a little bit, contrasted with the lyrics deeply in denial: “you say you’re for rent, then you call me a babe and I don’t mind it.”

Of the single, Shybaby says,”‘For Rent’ used to be called ‘Drug Dealer (For Rent).’ It’s the fun, more oblivious part of a two-song arc ending with an unreleased song that used to be called ‘Drug Dealer (Kicked Out).’ He was a drug dealer but not mine. He described himself as ‘For Rent,’ as in he was so scared to love someone after being hurt that he flat out let me know he didn’t want to care about me, while in the same breath telling me he cared about me; it’s less about him than how I’ve allowed myself to be cared for.”

She continues, “The song and video are dramatic and unserious, the bridge so unhinged from the rest of the song in a way that makes me laugh – but also in a way that feels as abrupt as how he’d contradict himself, and how I’d go from so obsessed to so hurt. I liked that he called me pretty, and I’d gloss over the part where he also made me feel not-so-nice (very bad).”

The video was filmed in Eire’s apartment the day after she moved out (rent went up by 40%). It felt like a perfectly timed opportunity to make something out of a shitty situation. It’s grey, washed out, and a little grimy, but it’s still fun. It’s another collaborative effort between Shybaby and local videographer Molly Mary O’Brien, following ‘Pizza’ and ‘Kiki doesn’t like it when you leave me at the party,’ this time with video editing, single art (which calls to the theatrics of it all), and press photos by Kelsey Wagner.

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