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Upchuck announce new album Bite the Hand That Feeds; release ‘Freaky’ single & video

Atlanta punks Upchuck have announced their new album Bite the Hand That Feeds, coming October 13 via Famous Class. Its opener and lead single ‘Freaky’ puts frontwoman Kaila Thompson’s (KT) self-described alter-ego on full display, riffing upon her hunger to let loose and lean into the open-ended freedom of the long, chaotic night. It’s a cry that places joy front and center, carving out a space to live loudly in the face of daily struggles. Upchuck’s signature blend of high-impact style is put on full, muscular display as the track jolts with weaving jungle-rhythms that evoke the finer side of oddball-punk forebears.

‘Freaky’s accompanying video comes as an ode to Paul Reubens and Peew-ee’s Big Adventure which Upchuck and director Ian Cone filmed and created a month back. Check it out below.

Upchuck absconded to SoCal to record Bite the Hand That Feeds, enlisting the production talents of Ty Segall and the airy reprieve of his secluded Topanga Canyon home studio. Upchuck credits Segall, who recorded the entire record live to tape over the span of five days, with helping to elevate the arrangements of their second record to bold new heights. The album’s razor tight focus was forged in the fire of Upchuck’s live shows, speaking directly to the power of their in-person presence—these are songs meant to be heard pressed up against a barricade, blasted through dimed guitar amps placed so close to your ears that you can practically reach out and touch them. Live footage of Upchuck’s set is an undeniable spectacle within itself: before a single note is hit, oceans of teenage degenerates, punks, hoodie laden indie kids, and sneaker clad skaters. Upchuck places heavy emphasis upon the special quality of these shared moments with the crowd, often putting on their own shows in repurposed locations.

Lyrically, Bite the Hand That Feeds is passionately impressionistic, following the reflections of a charmingly unreliable narrator as she clocks the shortcomings of the world around her. In the words of KT, “I’m trying to point things out as I see them, but without critiquing anyone—I see the ways certain people act and feel like I’ve got to say something about it, but I’m not trying to pretend like I don’t act the same way sometimes. It’s all you do you, live and let live.”

Bite the Hand That Feeds:

  1. Freaky
  2. Hush Toy
  3. Shaken
  4. Reaper
  5. Crashing
  6. Freedoom
  7. Toothless
  8. Hierba Mala
  9. NYAG
  10. Scrugg
  11. Long Gone
  12. Crossfire
  13. It Comes

Photo credit: Cory Jones

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