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Photo credit: Nate Sturley and Maddie Ivey

Siena Liggins releases infectious new single ‘RENT FREE’

Siena Liggins has released her new single ‘RENT FREE.’ ‘RENT FREE’ showcases Siena’s powerful artistry skills, as she blends together alternative pop and indie sensibilities with her iridescent vocals.The track is an evocative break-up jam resonant of the retro, energetic songs that kickstarted the new millennium. High-pitched guitar strums and flirtatious melodies carry an immediately familiar candy pop beat and make you forget how breakups tend to feel as summer kicks into full swing. With lyrics about shenanigans that push the listener to move on, this song is a reminder of styles popularized by *NSYNC, No Doubt, and TLC that are still in vogue today.

‘RENT FREE’ precedes Siena’s upcoming album FLOOZY. An 11-track offering, the album fully showcases Siena Liggins’s unique take on pop, with her varied and intricate instrumentation set to make an impression. FLOOZY is the culmination of the artist’s audacious vision, an invitation to experience the sheer power and magnetism of a star emerging.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I wrote ‘RENT FREE’ as an unapologetic nod to millennialism that recontextualizes the brutal reality of breakups and the inevitable removal of literal and figurative baggage. I love the 2000s pop songs that are ironic– thus the fun, almost comical vibe of the lyrics and melody about being mentally trapped with someone even when it’s time to move on. It’s a reminder to my future self to get out while I’m having fun.”

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