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Photo credit: Nate Sturley

Siena Liggins shares new single ‘3 Bad’

Siena Liggins is back with an infectious new offering entitled ‘3 Bad.’ The track manages to mix and blend contemporary and new together, creating an irresistible and unique sound.

‘3 Bad’ features a vibrant melting pot of playful drums, grooving bass lines and heartwarming synths. On top, her vocals come tinged with stylistic hyper-pop auto-tune and drenched in vibrant, pop sensibilities.The track features straight-to-the-point lyrics that work hand in glove with this vocal tone.

Speaking about the single, she says: “I wrote ‘3 Bad’ peak breakup– rude texts, painful outbursts, a loss of patience entirely. It serves as a beginning of an end for my life and music unfolding right in front of you. I ask a backhanded, rhetorical question, “what’s more vulnerable than having sex?” Maybe someone will see that as introspective and someone else will resonate with my unhealthy coping.”

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