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Siobhan Cotchin defies hateful ignorance in fierce new single ‘If God Is A Man

Siobhan Cotchin has returned, fierce and empowered, with new single ‘If God Is A Man’. Her latest single is fueled with opposition to the discrimination and hatred she has witnessed across the globe, including the banning of abortion in the United States, following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, as well as the attack on LGBTQIA rights across North America. This political voice hears Cotchin move away from topics of highways and romance, towards a song that takes a stance for what she firmly believes. As powerful as it is, Siobhan remains warm and tender, encouraging all to celebrate who they are and to not change for anyone.

‘If God Is A Man’ finds Siobhan Cotchin reaching further afield for the first time, not only lyrically, but also in composition, working with Dylan & Carmen from The Money War, as well as Paige Valentine to piece together the song – her first track written in a co-writing session. After sitting on it for over a year, she showed it to her band, who clicked with it straight away. They would push onwards with producer Sam Ford (Abbe May, Birds of Tokyo, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets) of Tone City Records who would engineer and produce the track. Siobhan Cotchin’s ‘twang’ is as prevalent as ever, with ‘If God Is A Man’ splitting the delicate balance of rock-chick inspiration, with Siobhan’s renowned pop-rock proclivities.

Siobhan had this to say about the track: “‘If God is A Man’ is a song with a super strong message, and one that is important to me. It’s about rejecting forced conformity and celebrating who you are and not wanting to change for other people. It’s also a song about losing faith and hope, and I feel as though that’s extremely relevant to the times we are living in. I want to be on the right side of history and stand up for what I believe in. I’m grateful to have a platform like music to spread this message. There’s no room for hatred and discrimination at my shows, and I want people of all walks of life to know that my music is a safe place and they are heard.”

“I wrote this song with Dylan and Carmen from The Money War and Paige Valentine. PaIge, Carmen and Dylan came up with the concept of the song and I fell in love with it, especially that chorus. Dylan and I wrote the verses and bridge together, and we sat on it for a while. I left it on the back burner for about a year and waited until it was the right time. I knew I wanted to record this song when I revisited the song and showed it to the band. They got the vibe straight away and it all fell into place. I feel like this song is still super relevant to the times we’re living in, maybe now more than ever, so it felt right to record and release it.”

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