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Photo credit: Sam Tudor

Sister Ray shares new single ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’

Canadian storyteller Sister Ray, has shared the second track to come from their new EP Teeth, which is due out May 12 via Royal Mountain Records. The poignant new single ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ follows their critically acclaimed single ‘Teeth’.

The forthcoming EP Teeth captures Ella Coye’s introspective musings on nostalgia, intimacy, and avoidance in their signature style of thoughtful lyricism and unyielding and spacious indie rock rooted in folk tradition. Combining dark outsider folk tinted guitar lines with vocals that are at once commanding and frangible, the new single ‘All Dogs Go To Heaven’ is made up of a series vignettes on power and potency, or lack thereof, with Coyes saying it’s about “the temptation to find the line and cross it.”

Coyes continues to say, “this song happened through small notes that kept coming back, pulling a bunch of little phrases that I was obsessed with but couldn’t find a place for. I wanted it to sound like it was tumbling.”

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