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Photo credit: Leah Håland Solomons

Sløtface reflects on ageism in the music industry with new single ‘Tired Old Dog’

After an impressive twelve years as the frontwoman of Sløtface, Haley Shea marks her 30th birthday with the release of the single ‘Tired Old Dog’. The song reflects on feeling old in a somewhat age-discriminatory industry, and on how even a very exciting job can become mundane when it’s your job.

One month after the release of the song ‘Final Gørl’, Shea is now ready to unveil even more new music. While the previous single had its starting point in the horror movie trope of the ‘final girl’, Sløtface continues the cinematic universe with ‘Tired Old Dog’:

“The song is written from the perspective of the stereotypical, tough ‘detective/action hero’ in movies approaching retirement age, but who is always asked to do ‘one last job’ before retiring. On this song, I let my laziness take over and politely decline this offer.”

The song was written together with producer Preben Sælid Hansen in his studio in Oslo, Norway, drawing inspiration from The Strokes and indie-rock choruses from the late 2000s. In addition to the cinematic references in the song, it also comments on Shea’s own position in the music industry:

“Sometimes I can feel like a ‘tired old dog’ in the music industry after having this band for twelve years. The song is released on my 30th birthday, which I’m not really frightened by, but this particular birthday and entering my thirties can feel a bit bittersweet as a musician and artist, since I experience the music industry as a rather age-discriminatory industry.”

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