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Photo credit: Leah Håland Solomons

Sløtface share new single ‘Final Gørl’

What if the virginal ‘final girls’ in horror movies were replaced with lazy losers? Sløtface front woman, Haley Shea, flips traditional feminine stereotypes on the head on new song.

Spring 2024 marks the time for yet another new musical chapter in the Sløtface story, this time crafted in collaboration with producer Preben Sælid Andersen. New single ‘Final Gørl’ is the first release with Sælid Andersen behind the production, and it was also the first to emerge after the two met in the studio. Shea describes an immediate creative chemistry, stating that the song became a clear indication of the direction she wanted to take Sløtface.

As a songwriter, Shea has a habit of categorizing her songs into two groups: “songs about me being a f***ing loser” and “songs about everything else – the beauty in the world, attempts to better oneself, etc”. ‘Final Gørl’ falls into the first category and continues to explore the trope of the same name from horror movies like Scream and Halloween. It’s a genre that Shea holds close to her heart, saying:

“In these movies the final girl is pure and virginal and better than all the other more overtly sexual women in the movie, which is why she survives. I wanted to flip the script on that, so the “I” character in Final Girl is saying no to all those rules about who she has to be. In the song I’m singing a lot of lines to the killer in a horror movie, very aware of what genre I’m in, and saying “no thanks, I don’t really want to be a part of these expectations”. To me it symbolizes that women are often expected to try so hard to be liked and be everything to everyone, and in this song I’m embracing that we as women can also be lazy losers”

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