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Sophie Griffiths pens a love letter to her mum in dreamy new cut, ‘Mother’s Daughter’

The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for Sophie Griffiths, but she wouldn’t be where she is without the relationship she has with her mum. In true Sophie fashion, she has taken a subject many will find relatable but has delivered it with quips and clever turns of phrase that only she could.

Lines like: “What if I get the wrong tattoo? / What if my memory fades from view? / I guess if I’m half as good as you, I’ll be alright” take emotions that a lot of people feel but find hard to express. Sophie conveys them in a way that is not only incredibly sweet, but so easy to understand and relate to.

The track sounds like an artist who is truly flourishing in her developing sound, but gathers all her influences from the 60s and 70s and presents those in a contemporary way. An old head on young shoulders, Sophie’s lyrics continue to be centred around subjects that any 20-year-old may be feeling or experiencing, but are written in such a way that any person of any age may find easy to relate to.

Speaking about the song Sophie said: “This tune is all about my mum and our mother daughter relationship. My mum has always been such a strong force of nature, and growing up I always wanted to be just like her. The lyrics tell the story of the ups and the downs of our relationship, but the main message of the song is that my mum is the only person that truly feels like home to me, and she deserves a song just for her. So this ones for you mum x”

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