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Photo credit: Josefine Winkler

SOUKOU releases new single ‘nickname’

Berlin-based artist SOUKOU celebrates the release of her poignant new EP bloodline with new single ‘nickname,’ both out now.

The EP oozes with a soul-tinged splendour throughout, combining elements of electro-pop, R&B and neo-soul in order to create something truly majestic as a result. SOUKOU’s powerfully emotive vocals are at the forefront, whilst synth-infused soundscapes are able to soar effortlessly. Fans of the likes of Robyn and Jessie Ware will feel at home here.

Talking about the EP, SOUKOU says, “bloodline is about the different aspects of family. It’s about the stories we share and love that sometimes fade. Family is more than just a bloodline and everything that comes with it, it’s about choosing who you want to be and breaking free of generational habits.”. bloodline is the most personal piece of work that SOUKOU has ever written.

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