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Photo credit: Josefine Winkler

SOUKOU returns with new single ‘Family’

Formidable artist SOUKOU returns with the release of her powerful new single ‘Family,’ out now.

Written as an ode to families everywhere – in whatever capacity that may be – SOUKOU’s warm, intimate lyrics feel instantly relatable. Combining celestial synths with SOUKOU’s soul-infused vocal, this release captivates instantly.

SOUKOU elaborates, “I wrote this song about four years ago when I found myself at rock bottom and having to start over. As a result a lot of my family decided I wasn’t worthy and left. I found myself being picked up from my chosen family, the greatest security net someone could ask for. This song is about sacrificing oneself for the sake of the bigger picture. It’s not just about my small little family, it’s about all of us. We are all made to give and to care about each other no matter what – blood related or not – there is room for all of us in this world”.

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