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SpaceAcre release explosive new single ‘That Girl’

SpaceAcre reveal their electrifying new single ‘That Girl’, today. The band have also announced their new EP, also titled That Girl, due for release on July 27.

‘That Girl’ is an anthem for anyone who identifies as female, as well as a beacon call for the queer community. The song unveils a new side of the UK duo, comprising of Phoebe Little and Jas Scott, who have been tantalising listeners with music from their upcoming EP over the past year. Becoming recognised for their introspective and ethereal compositions, the band showcase their raw indie-rock energy on ‘That Girl’. The track’s driving rhythm, electrifying guitar riffs, and powerful vocals combine for a striking new sound that marks an evolution of their earlier work.

Talking about the song, Phoebe and Jas say: “‘That Girl’ is an empowerment song for anyone who identifies as female. We wrote it after hearing from friends, who are part of the queer community, that they’d been receiving more verbal abuse on the streets recently. Their stories are all too common at the moment.”

The band, who are an active part of the queer community in London, continue: “Sexism and homophobia very much seem to be on the rise around the world right now, and this is a song for our sisters, as well as a song to welcome certain people to come and join us in 2023 and to encourage them to stop being so narrow minded.”

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