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SPELLES share new track ‘Beginnings and Endings’

SPELLES, the Los Angeles based duo made up of songwriters, instrumentalists and producers Kathryn Baar and Luc Laurent, recently released their emotionally stirring and spiritual single ‘Holy Hells’. Now, on the heels of that release, they share their stunning new single ‘Beginnings and Endings’ today.

‘Beginnings and Endings’ is an atmospheric and otherworldly sonic odyssey that will leave the listener with a feeling like they’re floating in outer space. Starting with a delicate piano arpeggio and intimate lead vocal, the song blooms with layers of ethereal synths, tribal percussion and haunting background vocals that explode into a transportive finale.

With lyrics such as, “Scenes play in my mind they’re rewinding, all of my life looking behind me” and “The blind leading the blind, what lies beyond?” Baar searches for greater truth and a deeper meaning in our life experiences and questions what is possible. She says, “I started writing this song with the piano arpeggio. Luc heard me playing it and suggested changing the rhythm. Once I did, the song quickly came to fruition.”

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