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Photo credit: Torgeir Rørvik

DAGNY releases delectable new single ‘Strawberry Dream’

Norwegian pop sensation Dagny has released new single ‘Strawberry Dream’, the final taste of her new mini-album ELLE, out June 7 via Universal Music Norway / Little Daggers Records.

ELLE is the first instalment in a trilogy of mini-albums Dagny is planning for release over the coming months, and stands as the long-awaited the follow up to her widely acclaimed 2020 debut full length Strangers / Lovers.

Dipped in sugar sweet synths and driven by propulsive percussion, for ‘Strawberry Dream’ Dagny reunited with sibling writing and production pair Cato Sundberg and Kent Sundberg – whom Dagny also worked with on Strangers / Lovers. Epitomising the bright, expansive electro-pop that Dagny has refined and perfected in recent years, of the new single’s inspiration Dagny shared:

“If we were in a romantic comedy movie, then ‘Strawberry Dream’ would soundtrack the scene where the main character realises “their person” has been there, right under their nose, the entire time and now’s the time for action. A bit like my personal favourite romcom character; Bridget Jones, and her Mark. They say something like 70 percent of people have met the love of their life before aged 21. Mindblowing facts to me, but who knows? The title is undoubtedly inspired by one of my favourite pick and mix candy bites, the ‘Strawberry Dream’.”

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