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Photo credit: Lauren Smith

stepmom share new single ‘Chaos Candy’

Oklahoma City’s orchestral dream punk sensation, stepmom, releases their highly-anticipated single, ‘Chaos Candy,’ today. This whimsical single marks a significant milestone for the band, following their recent partnership with music management firm, Trip the Fan.

‘Chaos Candy’ is a musical rollercoaster, written and co-produced by Lindsey Cox in collaboration with Cheyenne McCoy, Bailey Pelletier, and Amie Reardon, and brought to life by local producer Billy Reid, with Adam Chamberlain adding the final sonic polish in the mastering process. The song promises a vivid and compelling listening experience, blending dreamy three-part harmonies, ambient cello, and synth textures, all juxtaposed against angsty guitar riffs and the compelling lead vocals that define stepmom’s signature sound.

“Lyrically, ‘Chaos Candy’ is about finding that special someone you can share your delicious nuances and quirks with, your own ‘Chaos Candy.’ It is also a sincere exploration of the challenges of finding time for love in today’s fast-paced hustle culture,” explains Lindsey Cox.

“The cover artwork for this single consists of Creme Savers, glitter, confetti, spiders, and melted Barbie heads – exactly what I’d imagine my inner ‘chaos candy’ would look like,” she adds.

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