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Surrender to Nicki Wells’ lullaby of reassurance, ‘The Night’

For nearly all of us, our first exposure to music would have been the lullabies sung to us as infants. We go forth into life with that sense of being lulled into sleep by the hushed-words and swaying melodies as a foundational block of our human nature. Lullabies are a source of anthropological fascination, occuring in almost every culture across the world and throughout time. It might be commonplace to hear and recite these songs, but given the right context, they have the power to open the door into the mysterious land of dreams.

In her new single ‘The Night’, Nicki Wells captures the very essence of imagination, reverie, the subconscious, surrender, and reassurance. Her voice is that of a comforting siren inviting the listener to submerge themselves in this sonic pool of aqueous melodies, intricate strings, and cinematic violin arrangements. As a composer and producer, Wells incorporates both Western and Eastern influences into her music, inspired by her childhood in Dharamshala, India and her joint Italian, Swiss and British heritage. Essential to Nicki Wells’ creative ethos is connection to nature, as you’ll hear peppered throughout the symbolic lyricism of ‘The Night’.

Speaking to the new single, Nicki Wells shares: “The Night is a lullaby of reassurance to fall into mystery. To surrender into our own imagination, the world of the unconscious. The dream world.”

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