You are currently viewing Walk the path of fearlessness with Nicki Wells’ new single ‘Carry On’

Walk the path of fearlessness with Nicki Wells’ new single ‘Carry On’

Following on from the reassuring sentiment of ‘You’re Alright Kid’, singer-songwriter, composer and producer Nicki Wells releases her second single ‘Carry On’ from her forthcoming debut album.

Embedded within the rich tradition of British songwriters like Nick Drake and John Martyn, Nicki Wells draws further upon her childhood experiences growing up in India, at the foothills of the Himalayas, in Dharamshala. As such, Wells stands out as a unique vocal talent who is intune with nature and the interconnectedness of our world. Written during the lockdown as a process of self-reassurance, ‘Carry On’ holds such a message of calm with its layers of soothing melodies and warm analog production. At the centre you’ll find the “heartbeat of the record,” as Wells herself communicates, which is a time-worn and muted toned piano from the artist’s familial home; the first piano that she ever played. The other distinct element of this single is the singer’s expansive voice which she uses as an instrument likened to a string section, layering swells of harmonies and inspired by Indian Classical vocal styles. Beneath the surface, the artist’s appreciation for the origins of music goes further, with the simmering presence of Bulgarian folk heard in her track’ I Have Longed to Be Here.’

With ‘Carry On’, the artist seeks to inspire others to express themselves without restraint, to walk a path of fearlessness and to put their own wellbeing first. The song’s message is about healing via the means of symbolic ritual and friendship, using the elements as a facilitator for letting go of what no longer serves us emotionally, mentally or spiritually.


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