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Tan Cologne share new single ‘Blue Swim’

Tan Cologne have shared a third track from their forthcoming new album Earth Visions Of Water Spaces, set for release on September 9 on Labrador Records.

Continuing the sonic explorations of the Earth’s elements that inspired the ethereal, gravity-defying psychedelia on the New Mexico duo’s second album, the band describe latest single ‘Blue Swim’ saying: “‘Blue Swim’ is about walking down a path on the way to the last refuge on Earth and leaving the familiarity of landscapes and landmarks that have already become memories. A sudden realization of truly “seeing” something in its whole existence seems simple yet overlooked by traversing in normality. ‘Blue Swim’ is our lowrider lullaby to the end of the world that we don’t want to imagine, but see a faint glimpse of in our altered Earth.”


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