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Photo credit: Valentina Gonzalez

The Jaws of Brooklyn release new single ‘Sugar Sugar’

Setting the stage for summertime, the new single from The Jaws of Brooklyn, ‘Sugar Sugar’ combines a bubble-gum shimmy, Motown soul, and garage grit into sonic harmony. With its bassline working overtime, the song’s elevated heart rate tells the story of chemistry between lovers ready to strike a match and ignite. It is the fourth single off their upcoming debut album, The Shoals, set for release on July 22.

‘Sugar Sugar’ pays homage to the iconic basslines born out of the Alabama Shoals region, grabbing your attention from the first nickel-wound stanza. Paul Christofferson carries the melody with his super slinky licks as lead singer Lindsay Love’s soaring vocals are surrounded by crunchy guitars, layered organ, and icy keyboard bells. The single’s new-wave vintage sound is just one thread in the band’s catalogue of garage, soul, and pop all polished into an arrangement that stays true to their roots.


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