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Photo credit: JJ Stratford

The Paranoyds share new single, ‘Single Origin Experience’

Los Angeles-based DIY rock band The Paranoyds have shared a brand new single, ‘Single Origin Experience.’

On ‘Single Origin Experience’ The Paranoyds reckon with both America’s shameful history and current shady antics by the government and top corporations. The track opens with fuzzy, layered vocals that sing, “Nihilism bobbleheads, misogynists but working on it / American means shaking hands and stealing land / Modern horror is unmotivated / Moving through the days unabated.” ‘Single Origin Experience’ exemplifies the band’s effortless blend of eccentric societal commentary with sincerity over grainy guitar and a magnetic hook that remains in one’s head long after the song is over.

The track pokes fun at society’s plunge into a hyper-surveilled, hyper-marketed, and profit-driven circus. Explaining the meaning behind the song, guitarist and vocalist Lexi Funston says, “Sometimes an event happens or a news report comes out or whatever and you’re just so bummed about what it means to be American. It can be so exhaustingly cringey. Companies spying on us and “green-washing” their products in hopes of selling as a “pure” life, a branded experience. what the fuck right? Does single origin coffee really taste any better???”


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