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This Space Is Ours return with riff heavy single ‘House Of Flames’

Naarm/Melbourne 5-piece This Space Is Ours have released the last of 5 singles recorded with producer Beau Mckee (Between You And Me, Closure In Moscow, Earth Caller); a fiery, hard-hitting single titled ‘House Of Flames’.

‘House Of Flames’ could not be a sharper left turn from its predecessor, the 2023 emotive pop-punk single ‘All The Things I’ve Been Avoiding’. Whilst that track displayed the bands extensive range, ‘House Of Flames’ is the band at full throttle; delivering riffs from every direction, a driving rhythm section and a commanding performance from frontwoman Gemma Dusmore. The track’s outro stands out especially here- following a tension-building bridge the track ignites with thunderous double-kick and lightning fast guitars, showcasing the young Melbourne band’s immense musical talent.

Thematically, the song focuses on the relief and regret one can experience in the wake of a toxic relationship. “House of Flames is high energy, cathartic, and angry, it’s a song that we want you to scream in your car to get all those emotions out after someone has done you wrong. The lyrics talk about finally letting go and being free of someone who is bad for you that you kept going back to in the past. The end of a toxic loop if you will,” says Gemma Dunsmore.

On working with Mckee, Dunsmore details the freedom the band were afforded during the recording process – allowing them to test their boundaries and experiment with different sounds to ensure the final product matched what they initially envisioned. “This song was written in the fastest amount of time we’ve ever written any song simply because it was in the heat of the moment where emotions were fresh and everything just flowed out,” Gemma continues. “‘House Of Flames’ is the last of five singles we recorded in our sessions with Beau McKee. We had a lot of fun with him in the studio and he ensured we were all comfortable enough to play around and achieve the exact sound we were looking for.”

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