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Photo credit: Georgia Smith

This Space is Ours release punchy new single ‘My Name’

Saturated with honesty and raw emotion, the 5-piece Melbourne easycore band This Space is Ours return with sophomore single ‘My Name’. Marked by singalong power-packed hooks, sharp drums and electrifying guitars, the result is nothing short of dynamic.

“I wrote the lyrics about the frustrations of being perceived as fragile when you have actually been through a lot and survived it. Particularly when dating, I found people would say things such as, “I don’t want to break your heart” and I would find myself thinking, “I’m fine and you’re not that important,” says vocalist Gemma Dunsmore.

Leaping for the jugular, ‘My Name’ is a thrilling showcase of a band that works in harmony and plays to their strengths. Consisting of band members Gemma, Mark Sterner (lead guitar), Sam Pratt (rhythm guitar), Harry Wingrove (bass guitar), and Van Marks (drums) they pull aural influences from iconic front runners Paramore, Turnstile and closer to home with The Dead Love, Waxflower and Slowly Slowly.

‘My Name’ is a delicate balance between power and refinement with Mixing by the inimitable Beau McKee (Delos, Paperweight, Raised) and recording at Pony Music, Studio Delos and United Pop. “The recording process always makes me so nervous but Beau McKee made it such a fun and relaxed process so that we were comfortable enough to mess around and achieve the sound we wanted,” says Gemma.

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