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Photo credit: Laura Du Vè

thndo returns with latest gospel and R&B offering ‘Fall’

Beginning a new musical journey and chapter of immersive songwriting and emotive performances with powerhouse vocals, Melbourne chanteuse thndo returns with her latest gospel and R&B offering ‘Fall’, which sees the singer baring her heart and soul in this devastatingly powerful song journaling the realisation that some things are just never going to work.

Out now via Ditto, ‘Fall’ is a tale of the universal fears and acceptance that comes with long term love and letting go. A track with timeless melodies and laden with choir inspired soulful harmonies, the lyrics narrate both the importance and hardships of survival and self-reliance “Too afraid to fall, I know you’re not at the bottom waiting to catch me, don’t want to risk it all, cause I could end up alone and lonely”.

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