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Tina Moon melds fantasy and reality on ‘Choose For Yourself’

Alt-pop / rock Japanese singer-songwriter / producer Tina Moon is pleased to announce a brand new release with the arrival of ‘Choose For Yourself’, lifted from her debut album My Arms out this Friday through Namy& Records.

Drawing on a myriad of influences from pop, rock, electronica and Japanese anime culture, Tina Moon symbolises the fascination for fashion, art and music, seamlessly juxtaposing divergent musical and thematic ideas, showcasing Moon’s dynamic vocal abilities and creative wordplay in English, Korean and Japanese.

She explains: “The title MY ARMS is a reference to the fact that I am an extension and these arms are told and appendages I use to connect my feelings. I didn’t know how to love others or how to love myself. When I thought about love, I felt joy, sadness, and anger. The only way I know how is to express each emotion though music and it’s an intense feeling that overflows. It’s a cathartic experience, even though these songs reflect hurt, they too convey a sense of hope.”

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