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Sizzy Rocket and Rossi want to ‘Freak U Out’ with new single

DIY pop phenom Sizzy Rocket is back with an anthemic new single featuring Rossi, ‘Freak U Out.’ The official wedding tape for ‘Freak U Out’ features Sizzy in a tux and Rossi in a dress, subverting societal norms in wake of drag bans and attacks on the trans community. Announced last week with engagement pics that fooled friends and fans alike, the track makes a necessary statement for self-love in an intense political moment.

“Rossi and I actually met when we randomly sat next to each other in a cycling class. I think we were both wearing glitter, which led to an instant connection,” Sizzy Rocket says. “His energy is just so fun and uplifting it’s contagious. We kept in touch and reconnected on the scene a few years later in LA, and when shit started getting real with the drag bans across the country and attacks on our community we knew we had to combine forces in the studio and make a statement.

“On the surface ‘Freak U Out’ is a slutty, lovesick party banger but when you listen more closely it really is about unapologetic self-actualization. It’s an ode to fearlessly expressing yourself, shaking things up, fucking the system and creating your own space. In other words… let your freak flag fly, baby. This is our anthem.”

“In choosing how we wanted to approach visuals for the single, we just wanted to have campy fun, hence us staging a fake wedding with me as the bride and Sizzy as the groom for our single cover and promo. The song is called ‘Freak U Out’ and we wanted to do just that,” Rossi says. “Personally, I have been so upset by all the talk of banning drag shows around the U.S. that I wanted to show a version of myself that could be and probably would be considered drag to the ‘general public.’ To all the people that are so terrified of a male-presenting person in a dress, then I guess I freaked you out. To everyone else, enjoy the song and dance like there’s nobody watching, or better yet, dance like everybody’s watching.”

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