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Tonia releases new single ‘Afloat’

Liverpool’s rising star Tonia reveals new single ‘Afloat’ ahead of the release of her debut EP, out January 20, 2023.

Building upon Tonia’s distinctive sound, the singer has an adept skill for diary-style, heartfelt storytelling. Her music is honest, intimate, and revealing, inviting the listener into her most personal moments.

Speaking on ‘Afloat’, Tonia says: “It sounds like I’m talking to someone else but, with hindsight, ‘Afloat’ is more a message for myself: I became very dependent on a relationship and struggled to stand on my own two feet. This became draining on the other person and I also hated the way it made me feel. I couldn’t make any decisions or think for myself – I lost trust in my own decisions and thoughts.

“I have been focusing on really learning to trust myself and truly knowing what’s best for me. All my friends will agree that I always second guess myself even if what I’m saying is right. I wrote Afloat at the perfect time. It was exactly what I needed to say to someone and also the realisation of what was missing in the relationship.

“Maybe I realised slightly too late but I learnt that it is so important to be honest. Your own feelings are valid even if it means hurting someone you care about.”

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