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Track of the Week: ‘Honda Civic’ by Lauran Hibberd

Sparking nostalgia for early noughties pop punk, Lauran Hibberd’s ‘Honda Civic‘ is a powerful and angry track, full of lyrics a lot of us might want to shout at someone we know: “You’re so cool it’s just pathetic / Get back in your Honda Civic.”

“I would like to start by saying no other car manufacturers were hurt during this process”, Hibberd explained. “‘Honda Civic‘ is a middle finger to anyone I’ve ever dated, anyone I’ve ever thought about dating, and anyone that I potentially ever will date in the future.” ‘Honda Civic‘ might be “just another breakup song”, but its strength is its specificity, which still manages to be relatable enough for us to sing along to.

“I’m writing the best songs I’ve ever written right now. I feel different. I hope people listen to ‘Honda Civic‘ and feel stronger, almost like biting the finger off of your dentist kind of strong.” This is a track for anyone who is harbouring some anger towards a guy in a Slipknot t-shirt – maybe shout along to this song before picking up your phone to text him the lyrics. [via Clunk Mag]

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