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Lauran Hibberd announces new album, girlfriend material, and shares new single ‘mary’

Isle Of Wight power pop sensation Lauran Hibberd announces their second LP, girlfriend material, set for release on March 22, 2024 via Virgin Music, and shares the album’s pulsating lead single, ‘mary,’ out now. Arriving as the follow-up to early album reveals ‘i suck at grieving’ and ‘Honda Civic,’ ‘mary’ captures Hibberd’s pop-punk roots to perfection, with its unbridled positivity shining through as she navigates her way through the major life-changing events explored within her upcoming record.

“‘mary’ is my favourite song I’ve ever written, it’s the soundtrack to a great day,” Hibberd says. “YES, it’s a true story, and YES everybody needs a ‘mary’ in their life. After having a particularly rough year, having this song in my back pocket became a breakthrough for me — like a crack in the curtain where the light slips in.”

“Welcome to girlfriend material. Here you will find the 12-stage instruction manual on how to make the perfect girlfriend in under an hour. Listen more than once to ensure perfection,” Isle of Wight slacker pop queen Lauran Hibberd explains. “Making this record came oddly naturally, it felt like it was supposed to come out of me and I’ve never felt so attached to a body of songs like this. I think I’m at a point in my life where I’ve started to really experience ‘life’, with going through losing a parent, having a life-altering breakup, living on my own for the first time, and exploring who the f*vk’ I actually am.

“Everything I am right now is in this album. It’s the best thing I’ve ever made, and I’ve worked with some incredible people in the process. It’s definitely been the one thing that’s kept me going over the last year, and I hope it can do the same for other people. with love, Lauran Hibberd (100% girlfriend material).”

girlfriend material:

  1. i suck at grieving
  2. jealous
  3. mary
  4. 90’s kid
  5. happy for you
  6. better than i was before
  7. anti fragile
  8. 2nd prettiest girl (in the world)
  9. girlfriend material
  10. pretty good for a bad day (feat. Alex Gaskarth)
  11. so romantic
  12. not the girl you hoped

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