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Track of the Week: ‘Leech’ by Dream Wife

London based Dream Wife return with inspired new single ‘Leech’.

The band are a force to be reckoned with, a three-piece who want to demolish patriarchal structures and encourage unity in the process. Second album So When You Gonna… was released in 2020 to outstanding reviews, cracking the Top 20 in the process.

Making their return, Dream Wife play London venue Peckham Audio on November 25, and they’ve just shared new single ‘Leech’. Out now, it’s a blast of noise that sits somewhere between Bikini Kill and Garbage, with singer Rakel using their voice to dismantle power structures. She sings: “Do you hide behind the position you hold / Do you hide behind the illusions of power / The perception of power…”

An urgent cry for empathy in these darkening times, ‘Leech’ is Dream Wife at their most uncompromising. The band says of the new single… “‘It’s an anthem for empathy. For solidarity. Musically tense and withheld, erupting to angry cathartic crescendos. The push and pull of the song lyrically and musically expands and contracts, stating and calling out the double standards of power. Nobody really wins in a patriarchal society. We all lose. We could all use more empathy. As our first song to be released in a while, we wanted to write something that feels like letting an animal out of a cage. It’s out. And it’s out for blood…” [via Clash]

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