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Track of the Week: ‘One That Got Away’ by MUNA

MUNA are excited to release their new single ‘One That Got Away’ and its accompanying video.

MUNA are at the top of their game and only getting better. The band just made their first ever Coachella appearance where they played an electric set including the debut of their new single. Following the worldwide premiere of the new single as Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio 1, the band shared the cinematic video directed by Ally Pankiw and Taylor James, starring Australian actor/singer Caitlin Stasey alongside Katie, Josette and Naomi.

Katie Gavin of MUNA says: “This song is just rubbing your hot ass in the face of someone who messed up their chance of being with you. It’s a bit vengeful and mean, but also fun. Fuck it. Once I sent Naomi and Jo the demo they really took the cockiness in the lyric and vocal performance and carried it to the extreme with the production of the track. It became this super bombastic, Janet Jackson-era track. Ally Pankiw, who directed the music video with Taylor James, then came up with the idea of putting the music video in a criminal underworld, which we thought fit perfectly. Plus we wanted an excuse to dress Jo up like The Bear.”

Photo credit: Sam Muller

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