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Photo credit: Marieke Macklon

Trout shares new single ‘Gutter’

Fresh from showcasing at The Great Escape festival last week, Liverpool-based Trout (she/they) arrives with new single ‘Gutter,’ and is announced as the latest signing to Chess Club Records.

‘Gutter’ is made whole by Trout’s magnetic self-production, where layered guitars, stacked vocals and characterful electronic flourishes underpin the track’s heavier themes in masterful indie rock brevity. A biting takedown in the face of doubt, ‘Gutter’ sets the tone in bittersweet defiance — all at once embracing the unpredictability of one’s mind, whilst still professing to know it — “you’re sure I’m wrong / But I know it’s nothing I asked for.”

On the track, Trout reflects;“‘Gutter’ is about an experience I had with someone close to me, where they couldn’t relate to dealing with depression. They believed it wasn’t a real thing or something people choose to feel, which is equally hilarious as it is tragic. It’s written fairly tongue-in-cheek to reflect that.”

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