You are currently viewing VENUS GRRRLS release self empowerment anthem ‘Sudocream Queen’
Photo credit: Misha Warren

VENUS GRRRLS release self empowerment anthem ‘Sudocream Queen’

Born from Riot Grrrl, VENUS GRRRLS are an alternative rock band from Leeds. From twinkling synth motifs to raspy guitar lines, the girls present the dark yet empowering discourse surrounding their own synergistic experiences.

Speaking on new single ‘Sudocream Queen’, lead singer GK comments: “Deriving from the act of applying cream over acne every single night, the complex and contradictory relationship with body image is touched upon within ‘Sudocream Queen’. Having endured many changes within my body over the years, and thus having to rebuild myself and my relationship with it, ‘Sudocream Queen’ is the experience of doing such. It additionally throws into the mix the pressure of battling others’ perceptions and opinions on your body, which on many occasions can feed into your own consciousness. With a caring fondness for our inner children and an empowering rhetoric for adulthood, ‘Sudocream Queen’ is our consolation.”

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