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Winona Oak shares new single & video ‘If I Were To Die’

Swedish singer-songwriter Winona Oak has shared a new single ‘If I Were To Die’ and announced her EP Void will be released on May 3 via Nettwerk.

Re-introducing herself with new music last year, Winona Oak has delved into her songwriting, seeking a more unvarnished sound that meant her poetic voice had nowhere to hide. The outcome is some of her most raw and authentic work yet, with a profound depth to her writing, as seen on recent singles ‘With Or Without You’, ‘Fire Escapes’ and ‘Fragile Thing’.

New single ‘If I Were To Die’ is a heartfelt depiction of the anxiety of the mind and not allowing yourself to be carefree and revel in happiness. Building atmospherically through tense synths and guitars, it climaxes into an emotional and expansive chorus. The video was directed by Julian Gillstrom, who has worked with Winona previously, and perfectly depicts the feeling of being happy in the moment, yet always worrying if things are too good to be true. Winona says;

“When catastrophic thinking sets in, I feel like everything’s gonna fall apart. It’s almost like I got so used to the chaos that I don’t know how to function in peace. When everything is ‘too good to be true’ my brain automatically starts creating nightmare scenarios – I feel like I’m better off always expecting the worst.”

“Musically, I love how this song takes you on the same kind of journey as it does lyrically. Dark synths and crying guitars lead you into the arms of a big choir, with each harmony representing its own emotion.”

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