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Track of the Week: ‘I’m A Problem’ by Caity Baser

Rising British star, Caity Baser, releases her new single, ‘I’m A Problem’ via Capitol Records / EMI Records. In addition, Caity announces that she’ll be releasing her newest mixtape, Still Learning, on March 15.

Brimming with her trademark personality, catchy melodies, and empowered fuck-you confidence, ‘I’m A Problem’, which was co-written by Caity, is inspired by her own real-life experiences that have defined her thus far. “‘I’m A Problem’ is the epitome of female rage and cuntiness,” Caity says about her new single, “It’s for all the people that are ‘too loud’ or ‘annoying’ – there is nothing wrong with being confident and living life hard. The people that hate on you are just jealous and they wanna be like you because you’re a problem. Feel empowered. Feel happy. Feel cunty. And don’t let anybody get in your way. That’s what I do – life is literally a giggle so do what you want; nobody cares – stay problematic.” The single is also paired with a music video, taking listeners into a deeper visual view of who Caity is as a person.

The music video for ‘I’m A Problem’ was shot at Silvertown Studios in London and was directed by Olivia Rose of Amelia Studio Productions. It features Caity as she performs the song, reads all of the online hate she has received, and fights it with her unbridled energy and attitude; culminating in a messy paint gun fight. Caity also does some group choreography dance moves, while being joined by an ensemble of performers for the first time.

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