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Photo credit: Derek Bremner

Witch Fever release new single ‘I Saw You Dancing’

Today, Manchester’s Witch Fever share new single ‘I Saw You Dancing’, another taste of their debut album Congregation out 21st October 2022 via Sony’s Music For Nations.

‘I Saw You Dancing’ is a brutalist slab of IDLES-esque bass, as strings rattle the fretboard and trudge the track into life, whilst claustrophobic vocal lines and intense guitar melodies entwine an oppressive atmosphere throughout the duration. It’s a song about singer Amy Walpole’s experiences in the charismatic church she grew up in, and feeling watched by men as a teenage girl.

On the track she says, “This is a song on the album that we’re really excited about as really it’s the first time we’ve written and allowed a song to have space and time to breathe! We’ve been so used to writing quick thrashy tunes it was fun to experiment and write slower ones for the album. We really love the drone of the guitar, the rattle of the bass and the reverb on the snare drum, as well as the vocals being a little more relaxed and expressive”.


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