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Femegades return with new single ‘Depleted’

Femegades are a four-piece punk-rock band who create a sound that is as energetic and confrontational as it is nuanced. Comfortable writing about typically touchy themes and subject matter, Femegades utilise the platform they have to amplify those who deserve a voice in this world.

Their uncompromising approach was none more apparent than on last year’s heralded EP, ironically titled Not All Men, a record that exhibited the band’s lyrical and sonic diversity.

Femegades make a welcome return as they release the scuzzy ‘Depleted,’ their first single of 2023. ‘Depleted’ is an explosive, high-energy puck-rock song exploring certain realities of motherhood. There is a pressure placed upon women to savour every aspect of motherhood, even though the reality of non-stop mental and physical hardship often leads many mothers to burn out. Despite this, it’s a subject that is still regarded as taboo, with society placing unrealistic expectations on mothers who ’should just be happy’.

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