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Photo credit: Nyle Rosennbaum

Zilched shares anthemic new single/video ‘Earthly Delights’

Detroit’s eclectic-pop singer-songwriter Zilched (Chloe Drallos) will be releasing her sophomore album, Earthly Delights, next Friday, August 11 via Young Heavy Souls. Across gothic pop slanted alt-rock twinged with elements of grunge, Zilched takes her uncompromising creative vision to new heights. The album acts as a love letter to life and its innermost complexities as Drallos explores the constant significance of love in all its forms.

Ahead of the release, Zilched shared the final peek into the project with the single and video ‘Earthly Delights.’ Named after the iconic Northern Renaissance triptych by Hieronymus Bosch, the synth-filled anthemic title track is a redemptive narrative taking place in three perspectival realms and one in which Zilched finds celebration amidst seclusion and suffering. Drallos says, “‘Earthly Delights’ is about reclaiming your sacred space in romance and realizing the space you’re sharing feels very wrong. When Eden feels like purgatory.” She continues, “I was fed up with loneliness but didn’t want my solitude taken. I felt as though I needed to reclaim what I deem sacred.”

The track, paired with a kaleidoscopic music video, is a modernized take on post-punk and gothic pop music, featuring sullen vocals awash in layers of otherworldly synth. It fits comfortably alongside Zilched’s previous singles like the noise-pop ballad ‘Loveless’ or the 80’s-inspired jangle-pop track, ‘The Flood.’

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