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Hailey Beavis shares new single ‘Crow’ & announces debut album i’ll put you where the trombone slides

Edinburgh indie-folk artist Hailey Beavis has announced her debut album, i’ll put you where the trombone slides, will be released on November 4 via OK Pal Records. The album, which has been seven years in the making, is a celebration of resilience, determination and evidence of an artist who has overcome many obstacles to reach where they are today. Alongside the announcement, Beavis has also shared ‘Crow’, a wonderfully warped track about the journey to self acceptance.

‘Crow’ was written in a moment of clarity. Hailey says: “Looking back at my life, I could suddenly see the pattern, and I felt like the wrong type of animal, always trying to fit the mould and be something for somebody else. But at some point you have to accept your own true nature instead of trying to make it small and hidden. You have to be uncompromising and you have to walk away from things”.

The video for the song ‘Crow’ was made as a collaboration between Beavis and ‘creative coder’ Jayson Turner. It depicts a journey through a series of digital fantasy worlds which illustrate the song’s themes of isolation versus inner strength. Via the aesthetic realism/escapism of VR technology, the protagonist communicates the message that art will not only let you tell your story, but let you reshape the world around you.

The album’s title was inspired by a question that Beavis has found herself asking in more recent years. Where do you put the unresolved? Where do you put the memories of the people, the love and the pain? “I want to throw a rope around every feeling, every moment and haul it around with me just as much as I want to set it all on fire and be free”, she says. “Making an album seems like the perfect compromise. A place to put it all. I like the idea of all of this abstract emotion perpetually suspended in the act of the trombone being played. It’s quite a surreal thought, yet it’s comforting to me”.

i’ll put your where the trombone slides:

  1. Anything That Shines
  2. Shipwreck
  3. Sinking Sunset
  4. All It Takes
  5. Crow
  6. Blackbird
  7. Shot at the Coconut
  8. Shark Bite
  9. New Heat
  10. Happier
  11. Back to the Water


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